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The HMS Spring Musical 2021 will be . . .

Interested in the HMS Spring Musical??

**Follow the steps below to audition for the Spring Musical - Madagascar**

Step 1:

Read the HMS Spring Musical Audition Information Document VERY CAREFULLY. 

Audition Information:

Step 2:

Choose one of the Audition Songs to prepare for your audition.

Audition Song Choices:

Step 3:

Rehearse your Audition Song! Plan gestures, facial expressions, vocal expressions and movements that will make you stand out and fit the character! Use the Vocal and Accompaniment Tracks to help you rehearse!

Vocal Tracks:

Accompaniment Tracks:

Step 4:

Sign up for an Audition Time! Sign ups are posted on the HMS Theatre Board outside of room 121 (At the top of the LMC stairs). Bring your own pencil to sign up. Write down or take a picture of your audition time so you don’t forget!

Step 5:

Fill in and submit the MADAGASCAR Audition Form.

Audition Form:

Step 6: 

Continue to rehearse your Audition Song. Also review the scene cuttings that you might be asked to read in your audition.

Audition Scene Cuttings:

Step 7: 

Attend your audition on the correct day and time and do your best!!


Step 8:

Check the HMS Theatre site or Theatre Board on Thursday, February 11 to see if you received a role in the musical!

Click HERE to listen to the Vocal Tracks from the show!

Click HERE to listen to the Accompaniment Tracks from the show!